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Not Until You: Dare - Part One * Roni Loren

Not Until You: Dare - Part One by Roni Loren

On the night of her graduation, innocent veterinary student Cela decides to play a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with the two hot neighbours she’s been harbouring a secret crush on. 

Cela thinks she’s earned a wild night before she has to move back home under the watchful gaze of her family. But what starts out as a simple game is about to take a very sensual turn.

Marcela Medina hasn't done much in her life, sure she's gone to college for seven years to study what she wants to do in life, which is to become a Vet and work within her fathers Veterinary business. 

So when Cela finally graduates, on a drunken walk home she decides that she needs to make a change with her life, seeing as she's never been with a man or even had a boyfriend for starters. She's never been out drinking with mates either, always coped up in her own world of studying and obeying her fathers orders. 

Though after a spillage of Chinese food outside her door and a bottle of Tequila slowly falling out of her hands, her two neighbours couldn't of come out of their flat at a better time, or worse depending on her state of mind and ability to stand let alone walk. 

Foster and Pike have been friends since they we're young, Foster making his way into the world of business, all suits and ties but definitely not work and no play, as there's always time to play in Fosters mind. Pike is a hunky drummer in a local band, given with good looks and a great beat on the musical instrument and with women when it comes to mind. So when they meet Cela, they can't help but stare and other body parts can't stay down. 

Cela has had a crush on Foster for as long as she can remember, although she has never had a steady relationship or been with another man, she wouldn't mind giving it a go with him though. But when they both invite her over for Pizza and a film to celebrate her graduation, she blankly refuses and goes home. 

Though Cela decides that she can't be a daddy's girl anymore, so putting on her best clothes and heels, she marches over to the boys and enjoys the party. Though things soon change when they invite her out to dance at a club, just dance. Foster has a thing for innocent women especially Vanilla ones, so when he starts to like Cela a bit more, it starts to become a problem. 

Do they all carry on with the dancing? Or call it a night? 

Not Until You: Dare - Part One by Roni Loren, is the first installment of the 9 book series and I honestly don't know what to think about it, I have a few mixed emotions that I will get all off my chest to you all. 

If you have read my latest book review on the Knight series then you will know that I have been trying to find another series just like it or one similar that will hold my attention and drag me into the books. I was hoping that these books might be able to as there are quite a few in the series. But I'm not too sure. 

One problem that I have is that it is written in first person, now I don't have anything wrong with books written in first person. I just personally don't think that erotic books should be written in the same text. I think they should be written in third, but then again that is just my personal opinion on them. 

With that said, I went at the book with Caution not knowing what to expect. Though it did surprise me a little I guess. The plot was okay for the first book, Roni Loren has done the book series in small short stories per each book, a bit like a chapter a book in my eyes. In ways I can see that this is a good thing, more money for the books and they are not that expensive, but a bit of a waste for the reader. If she could of done three books with three of the nine books in each and priced them up more I would happily prefer to do that. (With that said, I have just seen the whole series available on Overdrive for free if anyone is interested)

But I persisted with this book as I thought "why not? It's a free sample download and either way I can always do a review on it". The plot is okay I guess so far, I don't really like the erotic stories that much when the girl is portrayed as really naive and that she's just come out of college, as not all girls are like that and to be honest a little shallow, but that's my opinion. 

Foster and Pikes characters on the other hand, I like them, their funny with some witty humour about them as well, they have a bromance relationship so I would like to see how that unfolds in the story. I think I prefer Fosters character over Pike though. 

All in all I'll cut it short cause I've been rambling! I think it's an okay read, I don't think it's as up to standards as what the Knight series was - but I'm still on a mission to find a series as good as that, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to your prince! ;) I will probably give the next book a go and see how I feel about it, but I won't be going through the whole series just for the sake of it. I would like to see how the story line pans out and if it gets a little better. 

One thing I will say is  that I really, love the book cover for it. It's so beautiful, I know it's simple but I just love it and throughout the whole series it kind of stays the same but they use different colours for each book and there so vibrant and colourful! 

All in all, I will give this book 4 out of 10

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