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Knight and Play * Kitty French

Knight and Play by Kitty French

There's only one thing in life Lucien Knight really hates, and that's husbands who cheat on their wives.

There's only one problem in Sophie Black's life. Her cheating husband...

From the moment Lucien and Sophie meet, the seal is set.

Sophie Black is at a junction in her material life, she doesn't know whether to turn left or right and she certainly doesn't know what's happening. With her husband gone most of the time on business, but with a slight inkling that he's away for a little more than meetings and more for pleasure, Sophie doesn't know which way to turn.  

But when she decides to take the chance of leaving her old job, a job from an older man with wondering hands, Sophie soon confronts her best friend's mind on what she should do. But when she tells her to go for it, what has she got to loose, Sophie is all for it. 

Kissing envelopes and dressing rather sexy for her interview with Knight Inc. Sophie soon finds herself in a whole new world, one where she's definitely not in Kansas or with Toto. 

Lucien Knight is a highly sophisticated business man, making a living from his adult clubs around the UK and his sex toy industry, who wouldn't be successful in such a market? His blond hair and piercing blue eyes could scorch anyone with the passion that he holds in them, and his height and other regions would be a bit of a competition. No one can knock him from his feet and walk all over him, that is, until Ms.Black walks through his office door and changes everything. 

From her small statue and long flowing hair, Lucien can see under that fragile skin of hers that there is a better, beautiful woman waiting to get out and play. He just needs to get her attention away from her husband to prove and show it to her. So when things start to get steamy in his office, he might be en route to showing her what she is really made of, and they beauty that lies within her.  

With a trip to Norway, a fumble in the woods and a husband that needs to learn his place in their relationship. Who will Sophie choose? 

Knight and Play by Kitty French, is the first novel in the Knight erotic trilogy, spanned over two books, there is a third but it's more based on another couple - a bit like the Sole Regret erotic series (Which you can read the first review here ---> Try Me Review.

But anyway, this is the first novel out of the other books and I must say I rather liked it. I started to read 50 Shades of Grey last year or before but I just couldn't do it. My friend was telling me to wait till chapter ten and I hadn't even finished one chapter! I couldn't read it because I found the writing skills very poor and it just didn't have a story line based around it, it was just soft porn. You might as well have watched it online is all I'm saying and the woman character just annoyed me. 

I mostly couldn't read it down to the poor writing skills and I couldn't understand why everyone thought it was amazing! But - That's just me haha. I really did try to read it so I could write a book review for it on how I felt but I couldn't put myself through it, I felt like I was watching paint dry and it felt like torture. 

But! On the other hand, I really did enjoy Knight and Play, after reading Kitty / Kat French's romance novel - Book review located here --> Undertaking Love Review,
I went in search to find more books by the author and found these little beauties! 

The book is based around three characters, mainly focusing on Sophie Black and Lucien Knight. For me Lucien is quite a sexy name. Knight first meets Sophie when she is looking for another job and her friend forces her to go and seek out a job with Knight Inc. But little did Sophie know that it was a business in the sex industry. 

In places I felt that Sophie was a little bit prudish, with not knowing what anything was and thought that she should stop being a snob in some places, but then it all started to change. I also think on the whole cheating thing with her husband was, well...

Her husband is having an affair with some other woman, and she ends up sleeping with Lucien. I can see from peoples points of view that it is just as bad, but then that annoys me a little for the fact that "Well he did it and didn't give a toss, so why should she sit and wait for him if he's been unfaithful" But then some people are all "Thou shall not do, what it is done upon to others" Or something or other, and to me not being religious anyway, I just think that's a pile of nonsense. 

It would be the same it it we're the other way round for me, so I'm not saying that cause she's a woman she should "wait" for her man. If she did it and it was her husband who didn't cheat I would say he can do the same! If they clearly don't love each other anymore, then what is the point in them staying in a relationship, just for the sole purpose because you have a piece of metal around your finger?

I didn't think there was anything wrong with the way Sophie was being, I agree on some level that she probably shouldn't of just let Lucien grope her straight away but each to their own! All in all I did enjoy the story, I feel there was romance in some part, as well as just pure lust. There was drama and there was a story line that was based around Lucien which hasn't come out yet which makes it a bit more secretive into what will happen in the next book. 

I will give this book 7.5 out of 10

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October Update!

Hi Everyone!! 

How are we all doing this afternoon? 

I'm terribly sorry I've not been updating in a while, I can assure you that I have still been reading, just not been updating! I have been keeping up to date with my cake page which we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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We have this logo! 

Please see the links for all the above if you wish to have a look, I do have a blog for it but it's not quite finished yet. Which is on my to do list! 

A lot has been happening this month and some of it has been pretty rubbish to be honest. I will start with the good though!

I don't know if I told you, but I recently started college! I am studying Level 1 cake decorating and loving every minute of it, it's great! I'm only there for one day but it's awesome. I've also been searching for jobs on the job front but no such luck at the moment, got to keep trying I guess but it is kinda a downer when no one wants you to work for them :/

And then in other news, my cat Marmalade, of 15 1/2 years died on the 3rd October, which was crap. He was a lovely little ginger cat and I'd had him since I was 5 and now I'm 20. I miss him so much, it was so rubbish. But he was getting old  and he couldn't breath so we had to put him down sadly, it was the best for him. Obviously I wanted him to always be here and at first didn't want him to be put down, but then he would of  had to undergo tests and whatnot and he's just too old for it so it would of only caused him distress. 

We got him cremated though and he is back home safe and sound on my bookshelf so he's still with me :) I love him to pieces and always will. 

This is my little handsome fluff ball, Marmalade :) <3 xxx="">

But! On a happier note, I will be getting into the swing of reading for Halloween so any suggestions let me know! The background has been changed for the spooky holiday and then we will be on to Christmas soon! I've nearly finished a couple of books so expect the reviews to be up in a couple of days :) 

Hope to see you all soon! 

Love, Emma xxx

Undertaking Love * kat French

Undertaking Love by Kat French

Sexy and smart, with an extremely desirable male lead, this a delightful debut from an exciting new new voice in women's fiction. 

When Marla Jacobs discovers that the shop next door to her Little White Wedding Chapel is to become a funeral parlour, She declares an all-out war. 

Funny, romantic and dangerously sexy.

Marla Jacobs is a highly functioning, strong independent woman and she knows what she wants. She's an American woman living in England running her own little wedding chapel, just like the ones back out in the States. Everything is going well for Marla, she has the job, the house, the family and friends and of course her loveable big dog Bluey. 

So when she hears the news, that the new shop opening up next door to her beloved Little White Wedding Chapel, is not the Cupcake shop that she thought it would be. But is in fact a Funeral Parlour, things start to get a bit messy. 

Gabriel Ryan is down on his luck, and after a death in the family, he moves away from Ireland to set up the funeral business somewhere else and follow in his fathers footsteps. He feels like he's got the luck on his side when he finds out Marla is his new neighbour, but all starts to turn sour as soon as she finds out who he is and what he is doing. 

Marla won't be going down without a fight, she can see it before her eyes: Brides bumping into widows, bouquets being swapped for wreaths, and Limos being held up by hearses. Marla can't stand the thought and soon starts up a campaign to get Gabriel out of town and to take his parlour with him, but when it turns into a hate campaign, things start to get a bit out of hand. 

It's all war when Ryan gets his hands into the situation too. Soon the couple are fighting against each other trying to win the votes over from the public, but when one of Marla's close friends does something unforgivable, will the pair start to iron out the creases in their relationship or will it heat things up more? 

Sexy and Irish, Gabriel has a few tricks up his sleeves and is happy to get his hands dirty in the battle for the right of who's shop stays on the street. Even if it means grabbing Marla's friends behind her back.

Though she starts to see Gabriel in a different light, she starts to have other feelings for him How is she supposed to argue with him and claim her title of her shop being the only one on that road, when she just wants to jump into the shower with him? 

Undertaking Love by Kat French is the first novel by the author, (although she has written other books under the name of 'Kitty French' which are under the Erotic category) is the first romantic novel the author has written, and I must say it is amazing!

I know that sounds a bit far fetched and you may just think that "well she thinks that about every book she reads" But I don't and I'm starting to be more strict on what I am reviewing. Though I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book and wish to purchase it one day so I can read it again. 

I borrowed it from the Library after reading the blurb and it sounding funny. I can tell you now that it is quite funny in places, rude, crude and downright dirty with foul play from both sides of the sex to get what they want. It's the perfect Love-hate relationship book and couldn't get any better. 

One of the books where you're begging the characters to get together, even though they hate each other. But you know they will soon fall in love and everything will click into place. The story behind the book is great and the plot is brilliant. There's always something happening in the book as the story unfolds.

There are some shockers, tear jerkers, edge on the seat, infatuated love, frustration, anger and annoyance moments with all characters. In a way the book reminded me of the TV Stella, if I could describe the book as a TV show that's what it would be. 

It is worth a read and I would recommend it to anyone! Get yourself a copy! 

I will give this book 10 out of 10!