Friday, 2 January 2015

Alice In Wonderland * Lewis Carroll [2014 Read]

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

When Alice follows a white rabbit in a waistcoat down a hole, she finds herself in a mixed-up world where nothing is as she expects it to be and anything can happen. Alice meets a pipe-smoking caterpillar, a grinning cat, a Mad Hatter and the formidable Queen of Hearts.

Alice is fed up of the dinner party her family are throwing and is fed up of trying to be paired with someone to marry. So whilst on a walk through the garden, she notices a white rabbit, though not just any white rabbit, one that has a little waist coat, a pocket watch and most of all, can speak. 

Curious, Alice decides to follow the Rabbit, but when he jumps into the rabbit hole at the bottom of a far away tree, Alice doesn't know what to do. So when she looks further into the hole and falls down it, she is in a whole new world.

When she lands, Alice finds that she must go through the first door that she sees, though it is as small as a doormouse and there's no way that she will fit through the door. With various food and drink, such as a piece of cake that makes her tall and a drink that makes her small, Alice sets off on an adventure of a life time once she enters through the door. 

Soon Alice is in over her head with strange people and things, from a talking Cheshire Cat, a blue smoking and talking caterpillar, a Mad Hatter, hare and a doormouse plus more! 

It's soon to be an adventure of a life time for Alice.

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, is an all time classic at it's best! Though I have only just read this book, I have watched the animated Disney adaptation many times and the real life Disney version with Johnny Depp in. Both which I love and find them amazing. Though if I'm honest, I found the actual book a bit hard to keep up with. 

There is so much happening within the pages, where Alice is heading, who she's talking too and what the other characters are doing it soon started to send my head into a bit of a twist! Plus sending it into a frenzy of getting lost  and a bit hard to carry on with. Though I must say that after reading the book, I found that both films we're pretty much exactly the same. 

There wasn't much change in either adaptations which I am quite pleased about, as usual they change the books completely to the films, which is a bit rubbish, seeing as the author has gone to so much trouble to write it in the first place, it's a bit...I don't know...not offensive but, insensitive I think? I don't know. 

Either way the book is extremely strange, weird and wonderful and it's just an amazing piece of Literature to read and to still be able to to read in this day and age. What a wonderful piece of work, such an inspiration into the world of literature, illustration and art! Fantastic! 

I will give this book 8 out of 10

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