Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Walk In The Park * Jill Mansell

A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell 

It's been a while, but Lara Carson's back in Bath and lives are set to change as a result. 

Because Lara left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since? 

Things have changed since Lara last left Bath, but returning eighteen years later hasn't changed her mind on what she has to do. She wouldn't have come back if the solicitors hadn't asked for her to be there at her late fathers funeral. 

Sitting at the back of the church, it seems like not everyone has forgotten that she left home when she was eighteen. Especially not her evil stepmother, if she had to be in any Disney film, she would place herself in Cinderella. 

But not everything is as bad as it seems, when she bumps into her oldest and best friend from school Evie, they act like as if Lara had never left. Evie has waited all her life to be able to see Lara again, and to ask her one simple question: Why did she leave Bath, and not tell her? 

Things are looking up for Evie, as far as Lara can see. She's getting married and Lara couldn't be more thrilled! But things aren't what they seem when Evie receives a distressed call from the hairdresser and make up artist for the big day, only to find out that her loving fiance Joel has been sleeping behind her back, could she of found out at a worse time? 

Lara never thought this would happen, but bumping into Flyn eighteen years later was like a kick to the chest, all the air was sucked out of her lungs and she felt like fainting. He still recognised her and he still looked as beautiful as ever, if not more handsome since he was eighteen. So when Evie grabs her hand to make a dash from her wedding and for her to follow, Lara couldn't be more thrilled. Though now she had to tell Flyn that he had an eighteen year old daughter, and nothing could be more complicated if she tried. 

Flyn can't believe his eyes, Lara was just standing in front of him, his Lara from eighteen years ago and she was still just as beautiful. But questions needed to be answered and he needed to find her and soon before he lost her again, his love for her was still strong and he's never been able to forget about her ever since.  

Join Evie and Flyn on their journey as they go from the past and into the future. Will Lara ever be able to love him again? Can Flyn really trust her and will Evie ever be happy ever after? And of course, the most important question on everyone's lips...

Why did you Leave Lara? 

A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell, is the 23rd novel by the wonderful Jill! Now if you've been following this blog for a while, you will know how much of a Jill Mansell fan I am. I just adore her books and he writing! The first ever book review I did of one of Jill's books, was To The Moon And Back - and even though it was one of her newest books at the time, I just loved it, and since then I have reviewed many of her books and still reviewing them to this day! (Please take my apologies for the book review, it was a few years ago and not up to the standard of the reviews now) 

I had a bit of a thing the last time I read a Jill Mansell book, and although I love her, the last book I read I didn't really find enjoyable. I found it was a bit repetitive compared to some of the other books and you could tell what was going to happen. So I didn't read any of the books for a while and then I just decided I wanted to read a good old Chick-Lit this summer and I am so glad that I picked up one of Jill's books on my shelf because I loved it so much! This is the 5th book I have read by this incredible author and I will always continue to read the books as I just can't get enough!

I loved the storyline of this book so much, on how they we're just teenage sweethearts but it was so much more than that, it was a bit like a modern Romeo & Juliet but with a child into the equation. I loved Gigi's character and Flyn's the most, Flyn sounded devilishly handsome and Lara was just too cute. I found Evie was the heroin out of all the other characters in the book. I felt like she had to deal with so much more and my heart went out to her.  

Such a brilliant book and it has been added to my re-read list. 
Fantastic Jill! Keep up the brilliant work! 

I will give this book 9 out of 10

Broken * K. Webster

Broken by K. Webster

Andi has the perfect life. She is about to graduate with an Architecture degree and marry her-All American baseball star-fiancé. Her world is soon turned upside down.

Left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she takes on a new persona—a promiscuous one. This new role protects her heart from ever being broken again. 

Andi had it all, with finishing college just around the corner and an All-American, baseball loving fiance who she is destined to marry, things we're starting to look up for her. 

So when she decides to surprise her finance with an early visit, she wasn't expecting her world to come crashing down around her feet and her heart to be broken into a million shattered pieces. He had only gone and slept with another woman. 

Since then Andi has taken on a new persona, she meets a new guy every weekend and only sees them for three nights, doing whatever tickles there fancy. Her best friend Pepper, doesn't agree with what she is doing and doesn't like this new life that Andi is living, but what can she do or say to stop her? 

That was before Andi met Jackson.

But she can't shake the feeling off that there is something about Jackson, something more than meets the eye, and she's going to find out what that something is. Even if she has to play a bit hard to get.

Jackson has skeletons, and baggage, lots of it. But when he first sets his eyes on Andi, he instantly feels alive again and it's not only his mind that's springing to attention. He likes that she's not like all the other girls, and he likes a woman that knows what she wants. So when the chips are down and the tables are turned in his favour, can he stand up to the test that's in front of him? 

Broken by K. Webster, is the first instalment in the Breaking The Rules series, but not the first book by Webster. The book has been been written in past tense and the present, flicking from stages in Andi's life whilst with her ex and what happened after the break up. I wasn't too sure on this when I first started reading the book if I'm honest, but after I got into it a bit more, I loved the idea of it. 

Let me just get this out of the way before I carry on with the verdict. You all know that I have been trying to find a great series like, The Knight Trilogy, and I searched high and low for some books to come up close but always failed. So let me tell you now, that this is it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen; I have finally found a book that is just as good if not better! 

Broken, was such a great read! It has so many twists and turns in the book, the plot was brilliant and the characters we're amazing, I'm telling you now, that if you have read The Knight Series and thought that Lucien was hot, then you've got another thing coming until you read about Jackson cause my god! What a smoker he is! 

I loved the book more on it's terms of the plot, there was never a dull moment in the story from when it kicked off up until the very end, I was constantly turning those pages and finished it within about 3-4 days. I could not put it down! 

I am a little disappointed that the next books don't follow on from Andi and Jackson's relationship as I would Love to read more about them. From what I have gathered, the books go on to talk about the relationships of the other characters in the book, which is also like the Knight Series. I would definitely re-read this books and possibly the series once I have got my hands on it. I loved the authors way of words and once again, the plot was amazing and very creative! 

All in all, I loved this book and I can't wait to read the rest of this series! 

I will give this book 9 out of 10