Saturday, 1 November 2014

Knight and Stay * Kitty French

Knight and Stay by Kitty French 

Sophie black has turned her back on both her cheating husband and her sexy, enigmatic boss Lucien Knight. When she hits rock bottom, she finds herself drawn back into Lucien's glamorous no strings, high stakes world of intensely erotic encounters. 

Bold and beautiful, Lucien is a walking, talking Viking sex god-the ultimate rebound guy. His is a seductive world of pleasure without limits or commitment, but can Sophie's already bruised heart survive his strictly no ties rule? 

After walking out on her husband and leaving her job at Knight Inc, Sophie Black is at a loss for words. Slumming on the couch at her best friends Kate, Sophie decides she needs to get a hold of herself, meaning no more weeks spent on the couch eating ice-cream and drinking wine. So with her head down and her tail between her legs she returns to her old job at the building firm in the small cramped office with her leech of a boss. And with Dan returning to her bed with his tail between his legs, could anything else go wrong in Sophie's life? 

Lucien can't function straight, to be quite honest, he misses Sophie Black more than anything. He doesn't know what it is about her, but she has him by the balls and the heart and he can't do anything about her. It's not her beautiful curves, or her hot body, it's her face, her heart and her personality, that his mind, heart and manhood have gotten him into trouble. 

But when Ms. Black said the three words that some men don't want to hear, can he put those words behind him and get on with his life.

So when he told Sophie that she could no longer work for him for a second time round, it was a blow for Sophie and a gut turning mistake for him. But when his father is taken to hospital for a turn for the worst, he must put Sophie and everything else behind him in order to make peace with his father, if he can do that. 

Sophie soon finds out that Lucien is back in Norway on a trip to visit his father, and without a second glance she has packed her bags and on the first plane out of London and to Norway to visit the man she loves. 

Soon Sophie and Lucien are reunited, but under different circumstances, one that they both can agree on is the best option for them. They will have to get to grips with each other again, but they don't have to get to grips with each others bodies again. 

Though when things are once heated up again will Lucien push Sophie away for the third time? Or will he love her back? 

Knight and Stay by Kitty French, is the last instalment of the Knight series by Kitty French and I must say that I am quite saddened by this. After finding an erotic series that I quite liked, I would of loved for the story to follow on a bit longer rather than two books. However, the two books that have been written about Sophie and Lucien's relationship were great and I really enjoyed them. 

I loved Sophie and Lucien's characters hugely, I thought they had a great background behind them, more so of Lucien's. I really liked this as I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey and just felt that there was no story line to it, I admit that I didn't read very much into it, but what I have gathered from people telling me about it, is that it is mostly sex. 

Yes, the Knight series did have quite a lot of sex in it, but it did have a good storyline to also follow as well as the erotic features. In some ways, even though that the book is an erotic novel, I find it did have more of a plot to it than sex, which in someway's I also enjoyed.  

I love Sophie and Lucien so much and wished they we're making a film about them instead of FSOG as I feel it would be a much better plot to watch than FSOG.I just loved how they we're with each other, how that Lucien acts all strong but cares for her so much and just wants to protect her all the time and to show her just how beautiful she really is, which I thought was just beautiful. 
How he changes towards the end is lovely. 

The ending of the book is great, although as I have stated I do wish there we're more books coming. There is a third one, but it is loosely based around Sophie and Lucien and more around Kate and her lover, which I soon shall be reading and doing a review of. 

I will give this book 8 out of 10