Thursday, 17 June 2010

1st Post And Welcome! :) - Glass Houses By Rachel Caine

Hey all!
Okay so this is the first post on here so far, and so far so good haha

I kinda thought about doing one of these ages ago (Not the blog I have loads of them ha)
But the actual review thing and all the book's I have read.

So I guess I will get on with it! :)

Glass Houses By Rachel Caine

Glass Houses is the first book out of the many in
The Morganville Vampire Series, by the very talented
Rachel Caine.
The book is about a 16 year old girl named Claire Danvers, who is terribly bullied at her University by the "popular" girls. They always remind Claire that she is at the bottom of the food chain, and they are always at the top. The alpha dogs. This soon changes though when Claire goes for a walk around Morganville, or what there is of it. Claire spots a flyer for a room. So Claire being in her situation takes the room, though the people who turn out to be her new roommates are a bit closed up in their own worlds.
They don't rally pay much attention to her and treat her like she's a ghost.

The only bad thing is...That it's run by Vampires...
Thats not so bad is it?

Michael - The tall, blonde and charming man that could make any girls heart melt at the sight. 18 and owner of the house, but no one has ever seen him in the day...

Then theres...

Eve - The Goth, who works at the local coffee shop. She's a tough cookie who can protect herself at any price. And swears that Michael is not a vampire, cause she'd know if he was...Wouldn't she?

Last but not least, theres...

Shane - The houses slacker, with a mop of brown hair and scruffy band shirts. He doesn't do much at all, no job, nothing. He just makes Chilli and fascinates killing zombies on video games. Claire doesn't think there is nothing wrong with him. She finds him cool.

Rachel Caine's Glass Houses is a thrilling novel that will have you on the edge of your seat. And wanting more, Rachel is a highly talented woman with a huge and amazing imagination, it will never fail you. It may also tempt you into writing your own books and maybe one day publish them like she did.
I know it made me want to write my stories more dark and a bit more in depth.

After this book it made me want to read on more, wanting to know what happened to all of them and what business they get up to, all four of them. Michael, Shane, Eve and not forgetting Claire.
I am now on the 5th book and loving them. I highly recommend them for any people who like Vampire books and maybe a bit of Romance. Or maybe just want to get away from the Twilight series. (No offence)

Hope I didn't spoil any :)

My first one, how's I do?