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Knight and Day * Kitty French [2014 Review]

Knight and Day by Kitty French 

Kara Brookes hates liars. 

Dylan Day hasn't told the truth from the moment his plane touched down in Ibiza. 

It's a recipe for disaster. 

Sophie, Lucien and Kara are on a business trip to Ibiza, for the opening launch of the next erotic Gateway club in the Knight Inc establishment, things couldn't run any smoother. 

Though Sophie's best friend Kara is down on her luck, after being jilted at the alter by her cheating ex-husband Richard, things could do with a change. So sun, drinks, a new sex club to get stuck into and her friends is all she needs to keep her going. Keeping her eyes on the job and not bothering with any men.  

Dylan Day is after a clean slate, after leaving the States in a rush and leaving behind his troubles, he is in search for a new home, a new job and a new life. So when he bumps into Lucien outside the club and with nothing to loose he asks for a job. Lucien doesn't like to trust people easily, but there's something about Mr. Day that grabs his attention. 

When Kara and Dylan first meet, it's not exactly love at first sight,it's more "come near me and I'll smack you in the face with a sex toy" which is just what happens when Dylan - newly joined barman and manager joins the team to find Kara going through a box of sex toys to get ready for the boutique which Sophie and herself run. 

Their relationship is off to a rocky start when Dylan forgets his jacket and Kara decides to return it to him, only yo discover he is living on a little boat called The Love Tug and is designed inside and out like a 70's porno den.  Dylan doesn't mind though, he's getting used to it, though he's not pulling the looks from the ladies and he would usually. 

Lucien and Sophie are in a world of their own, finding time to see each other and make love is hard, seeing as they are running both of their businesses and trying to get everything out of the way so they can plant o spend a holiday with the love of their lives. Their little daughter Tilly. 
When Lucien first met Sophie, he had no intentions on getting married and having children, but something about Sophie twisted his finger, his heart and his mind into something more softer on this inside, but not on the outside. 

Soon Kara and Dylan hit it off in a string of romantic nights and some steamy afternoons, not what either of them we're planning to do but things started to get heated and in the way. Though things aren't always as they seem, and Dylan has some skeletons in his closet, ones he isn't too fond of or proud of. 

So when they start to tumble out, will Kara still be there? Or will she run for the hills with the second biggest mistake of her life? Just how worse can Dylan's problems get? And why is his past lurking upon him now, just when things finally start getting good? 

Knight and Day by Kitty French, is the last of the Knight Trilogy and to be honest I and absolutely gutted! I can't believe there isn't anymore, I feel like I have watched a TV series, got to the end of it then just sat back and thought "What is life?" I think we have all had this feeling haven't we? 

Just what do we do now, when it's all over?! 

I know I'm probably being a bit over dramatic, but I really loved everything about this series and I feel I won't be able to find another one like it! I'm currently trying to go through every blog and source on the internet to see if I can find anything else but I just can't. It just leads me back to 50SOG and the series isn't anything like this at all. It's saddened me haha.

Anyway! On with the review, enough of my sadness In this book it's all about Kara and Dylan, it has some snippets of Lucien and Sophie but it is mostly based around Kara. To which at first I was a bit dubious about it, as I wanted it to be able Sophie and Lucien. But I'm glad I stuck through with it and finished it as boy, was it a roller-coaster of emotions, hotness and drama! 

The ending was just perfect and did not expect it, especially when I read the first book, you would just think no way! I loved all the characters and feel they we're portrayed wonderfully, they each had their own style and uniqueness and I will honestly miss reading about them. The series will definitely be going on my "Re-read" pile in the near future. 

If anyone has read the series and would like to recommend a new series, please feel free to comment :) I would be very happy! 

I will give this book 8.5 out of 10

The series 10 out of 10

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