Sunday, 19 January 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

Happy New Year all! 

Hope everyone is fine and dandy and going through their first month of 2014 with ease.

My New Year was a great one of what I can remember of it. I spent it with Sam which was lovely and also got to spend Christmas with him also as didn't get to last year. So technically it's like our first Christmas. 

Got lots of plans for this year so may get a little quiet at some point, plan to get on with my writing more and try to get a book written. I will all be getting ready for a crafts fair to do with mum next year which will be lovely to do! If anyone has done any craft fairs in the past, please let me know you're experiences so I can be prepared!

Going on quite a few trips this year, so there will be plenty of reading to be done and lots of reviews. I'm also going to start doing some cake decorating classes as well so that should be fun! I don't know how many people read this but I do love writing the posts, and I just love having a little blog that I can declare my own and "pimp it" out haha. 

In other news, Sam's album will be coming out this year in May. So be sure to snatch it up! :) Really proud of how well he's done and achieved, makes me so happy! 
Click the link below to have a listen and look at the band :) He's the one with the curly hair haha :) 

Or there's their website: 

Also, the site is currently under construction as I need to change it around a bit. Won't take long though. 

There will be a book review up soon and possibly one up tomorrow, so see you soon! Also Have a great 2014!

- Em xx