Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Man Who Didn't Call * Rosie Walsh

The Man Who Didn't Call by Rosie Walsh 

Imagine you meet a man, spend six glorious days together, and fall in love. And it’s mutual: you’ve never been so certain of anything. 
So when he leaves for a long-booked holiday and promises to call from the airport, you have no cause to doubt him.
But he doesn’t call. 
Your friends tell you to forget him, but you know they're wrong: something must have happened; there must be a reason for his silence.

On the 2nd June, Sarah comes to the same spot, at the same time to remember the tragedy that ruined her life. What she didn't think would happen, was that she'd fall madly in love with a complete stranger, that she's only known for seven days. 

Seven wonderful, marvellous, days she'd spent cooped up with Eddie David's. Then out of nowhere, he just vanished without a trace or even a phone call. 

Sarah can't shake the feeling that something is wrong; they shared life stories, dreams and even a little wooden mouse! So where did he go? When did it all go wrong? 

As Sarah battles with a loss she never knew she had, a love so fierce it may send her into madness and heartbreak so strong, that it physically hurts. One things for certain, she has to find Eddie David's before its too late and who he really is.  

The Man Who Didn't Call by Rosie Walsh, is the first book that Walsh has written under her real name. Before, she has written under the pen name 'Lucy Robinson'. You can't begin to imagine my excitement when I realised this revelation and I couldn't wait for it to be released. I adore Rosie's writing, and her stories are just so beautiful. 

The story was nothing like I'd expected, I suppose I thought it would be like her other ones, but the story just took me by surprise and what a fabulous surprise it was! It's very well written, the plot is great and the ending, oh that ending. If there's one book you should read before the year is out, please go pick this one up and give it a read, you won't be disappointed! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and seriously can't wait for more by Rosie.

I will be giving this book 10/10

**This book was read in June, this is a late review

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Locked * Maya Cross

Locked by Maya Cross

Who is Sebastian Lock?

The bar Sophia Pearce is in doesn’t look like much. The wine is bad and the decor worse. 

But when a sudden attack of curiosity leads her to sneak past security and into the back room, she discovers something unimaginable. 

The most lavish party she’s ever laid eyes on, in the most unlikely of places.

When Sophia and the girls are out on the town, anything goes. Secrets are shared, memories are made and bets get promised. Yet, when she sees a dainty, dimly lit room to the back of the bar, Sophia can't help but wonder what lays behind it. 

With some liquid confidence and a helping of motivation from her friends, Sophia soon finds herself sneaking through the door. Though when she does, her whole world is turned upside down. 

Sebastian on the other hand, is a man of many mysteries. Sworn to secrecy by the alliance, she shared very little about life, and his personality. Though he can't shake the need and desire to tell Sophia everything there is to know about him, but can he trust her? More to the point, can she trust him? 

But when Sophia plays hard to get, the game becomes very interesting for both players.

Locked by Maya Cross, is a great read and its the first instalment in 'The Alpha Group' series. I really enjoyed this book, if you have been following for a while you'll know that I'm always on the look out for books that are as good as the Night and Day series by Kitty French. I can happily say that I have found another series that is worth the read. 

I loved Sophia and Sebastian's characters so much, they're completely different yet the same, though they bounced of one another well which is wonderful. The plot behind the characters grew more and more within the book and so did the pace. I felt like it was a quick read but in the sense of something always happening. 

Of course, it was hot in its own ways but most importantly, the story was good, which is what I look for. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be reading more of the series. 

I will be giving this books 8 out of 10

*This book was read in August, so this is a late review. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Head Over Heels - Jill Mansell

Head Over Heels by Jill Mansell

Jessie has kept the identity of her son Oliver's father a secret for years. One glance at Oliver, and a little mental arithmetic, and Toby has the situation sussed. Meeting the son he never knew he had is the shock of a lifetime. 

As the attraction between them flares up again, Jessie just can't see her way to a happy ending. But no one is quite what they seem.

Interior designer Jess has lived in Upper Sisley all her life, she's built up a great business, brought up her handsome son Ollie and has the best friendship a woman could ask for with mum of three, Lily. 

So when Jess gets the call to decorate the luxurious Sisley house, she jumps at the chance. Though as soon as she hears the voice on the other end of the line, Jess can't quite believe her luck.

Toby Gillespie on the other hand is ecstatic to unveil that Jess has been hiding in the village all along. Though water certainly hasn't ran under the bridge, too many things have happened since they last met. 

Will Jess be able to live with herself once the secret is out in the open? 

Head Over Heels by Jill Mansell, is such a brilliant book. I read this as part of a mini book club with my mum and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The last couple of books by Mansell, I couldn't really get on with, though I feel like I have come back to the main reason why I started reading her books with this brilliant read. 

There are some places in the book where you feel you know whats going to happen, but let me tell you, the ending really did surprise me and I was quite shocked. I really thought that something else was going to happen but was pleasantly surprised. 

The characters are all well written, I felt that they had a read depth to them, they all had their own little stories that all mixed and blended in with one another. I loved that Jess had her own business and she was portrayed as doing  something that she really enjoys, which was lovely to read about. The book flits between all characters and it works very well.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Head Over Heels and I can't wait to get onto the next JM instalment on my shelves. 

I will be giving this book a 9 out of 10 

**This book was read in August, this is a late review

Saturday, 2 June 2018

A Spot of Bother * Mark Haddon

A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon

At fifty-seven, George is settling down to a comfortable retirement, building a shed in his garden, reading historical novels, listening to a bit of light jazz.

Unnoticed in the uproar, George discovers a sinister lesion on his hip, and quietly begins to lose his mind.

George is a simple man, he enjoys the simple tasks in life such as; a hot cup of tea in the morning, a new book in the evening and spending time on his studio. 
So when he finds a small lesion on his side, his whole world is flipped upside down and everything  isn't that simple anymore.

As George battles with his mind, his family are in a current battle of their own and falling apart at the seams. Katie, his argumentative daughter is planning to marry Ray, the "safe" partner, but when they have an argument and he storms out, Katie starts to question is she really marrying him for love, or because of her son Jacob? 

Jamie, his uptight son is in love with Tony. It's that simple. Except its not and he's lost him for good and Tony doesn't want anything to do with him. Making a mess of things, all Jamie wants to do is win Tony back, not to be standing outside his flat at 4am covered in alcohol and vomit. Jamie just wants him to come to his sisters possible wedding and prove to Tony that he truly loves him. 

Jean on the other hand, George's doubtful wife is caught up in her own web between George and David and doesn't know when to quit. She loves them both dearly, one more so than the other but who to choose is the question? Surely she must choose her own happiness first? 

As everyone deals with their problems and a possible wedding to plan just around the corner. George chooses this exact moment to slip away and go quietly insane. 

Though is there really a sane member of any family? 

A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon is such a wonderful read and its the second novel I have read by this author and he did not disappoint. 

As you may remember I bought this in the new year with one of my many vouchers and gift cards that I received for Christmas last year.  I got this through my Kobo as I'm slowly starting to need more room on my book shelves. Though I am hoping to upgrade to a new Kobo once returned from my summer holiday in July so keep your eyes out. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and felt that there is a good message behind the book regarding mental illness. Haddon shows it in the a different light and adds some humour into it so it doesn't seem all dark and gloomy, though there is still the seriousness off the illness and how he describes it is very well written.  

There we're at times throughout the book where I may have wandered off the beaten track, but it picked back up again. The main character George is hilarious, I personally loved George, his son Jamie and his grandson Jacob (Simply because he reminded me of my little Jacob) The way George tackles his depression, anxiety and mental state is different but in ways I can understand what he was probably thinking and how he got to that stage. 

At the time I didn't know how I felt about the ending, but looking back on it now it makes sense. Not everything and everyone will last forever, so make the most of what you have.  

I will be reading more of Mark Haddon's work in the future and I'm sad to find that this didn't get enough hype as what it deserves. It may be different from his other books but I loved it and I understand the simplicity behind it. I am so glad i started with his other book 'The Red House' and not 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'. 

I will give this book 8 out of 10

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Layers Peeled * Lacey Silks

Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks

New life binds them,
Past ghosts haunt her,
Fresh secrets distract him,
...and history repeats itself. 

After surviving a heroic job, Allie summons the courage to finally tell Tristan the most shocking news of her life, that is until she's got over the announcement of him firing her from the firm. 

Allie can't believe it, after everything she's done for him, in and out of work hours, how could he be so nonchalant and fire her? What did she do wrong? 

Though Tristan has some surprises up his sleeve that she won't see coming, though none will top her secret. 

 But soon skeletons that they both thought had disappeared soon start creeping in, much faster than they both anticipated. With new cases to lead and their ever growing romance kick starting into life again. Will Allie ever get the life that she wishes for? and will Tristan finally be able to relax after all these years? 

There may have been secrets layers deep, but now the need to be peeled right back to the core to see what is resting right on there doorstep. 

Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks, is the second instalment in the Layers Trilogy and I loved it even more than the first one. It jumps straight back in to where it left off in Layers Deep which was great, so I didn't feel the need for a recap. 

With the story changed in many ways its hard to review without giving too much away. These books really remind me of the Knight series with its fast pace and chunky storyline which is wonderful since you all know I've been searching years for to find something similar. Ah! I can't tell you my happiness! 

Anyway, I loved Allie's character more, although she was slightly troublesome at sometimes and coming across as a bit spoilt, the sheer fact that her partner was trying to protect her and she just kept running head first into danger then wondered why she needed saving, this annoyed me. 

Tristan is just...Tristan, he doesn't need changing and gets better and sexier within the book (Though still not as good as Lucien!) I feel for him cause all he does is try to look after Allie and she just doesn't have any of it which as I said before is slightly annoying. 

There are still some parts of the book like in the first which made me feel a little bit weird, not uncomfortable, just strange. Though I still read regardless and I'm glad I did. 

Without giving too much away, I really enjoyed this book. I will be reading the next and last instalment in the series, but not as soon as the others seeing as they are apart of another couple story, again, a bit like how the Right series is panned out. 

All in all I will give this book a 8 out of 10

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Layers Deep * Lacey Silks

Layers Deep by Lacey Silks

He needs her to save a friend.
She needs him to plan her revenge.
Their pasts scar them Layers Deep.
Their passion distracts them...
...and distractions can be fatal.

Allie Green isn't your average woman, she's a cop with a need for vengeance, with a dark past and knows how to hold her own in tough situations. 

Allie was a witness to a brutal attack when she was younger and has vowed ever since to dedicate her life to help save the public and her family from the most evil people on the planet. Though things aren't so easy when you've used every  possible resource to you. 

Tristan Cross is the head of an elite and bespoke security agency. Specialising from cheating husbands right down to the scum of the earth and everything in between. Though there's one job that he just can't shake, one mission that will destroy him if he doesn't succeed in finding the one person he let down. 

He is also Allie's only hope in finding the one person in her life who betrayed her family, the person who made her life hell. She is the only one who can rescue Tristan from his dark past, from the depths of the most evil criminals known to man. 

Together, both Allie and Tristan form a pack to get the justice they both deserve, for themselves and for others. Though things are a bit tricky when you have other desires waiting to she shared.  

Layers Deep by Lacy Silks is the first book I have read by the author and boy was it good. There was a bit of everything in it, most importantly, it's pretty much on the same par as the Knight series and we all know how I feel about that and how I've been searching for books like it since, and let me tell you! I thought I had found it last year, but I was wrong, this is it!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and although its short, I finished it in 2-3 days, I could not put it down. I finished it today and this is the quickest I have ever typed up a review for you all. 

However, whilst I did enjoy the book and I loved mostly that there was a storyline and a plot, I must admit that I did feel a little uncomfortable with the storyline, I'll admit I didn't really want to read about trafficking (It doesn't go into much detail so don't worry if you wanted to read) But it shows what it's like in a way I guess but then I understand cause there needs to be a plot and it works cause she's poses as an undercover cop and he works in high end security so it does work. 

Besides that it was a great story storyline and it worked, most of the other books I have read in the past (whilst trying to find something just as good as the "Knight" series) has never had a storyline to it as much, just the usual girl meet boy, falls in love etc. So it's been great to have another series with a plot to it.  

All in all, the book was fast paced and ended with a small cliff hanger, which I can't wait to get my hands on the next instalment. Watch out for this space as the next review will be coming soon! 

I will give this book 10/10

Monday, 16 April 2018

How to be Happy * Eva Woods

How to be Happy by Eva Woods

The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Annie has been sad for so long that she's forgotten how to be any other way. Until she meets Polly.
Polly is everything that Annie is not. She's colourful, joyful, happy. Because if recent events have taught Polly anything, it's that your time is too short to waste a single day.
Annie Hebden is miserable, she's stuck in a job she hates, her husband has left her for her best friend, and she shares a flat with a twenty two year old barista who she hardly knows. 
Polly Leonard on the other hand is the happiest woman alive, she has tonnes of friends, a family who love her and she's got rid of her no good ex. The only downside is, she has cancer, and not the curable kind. 
Polly is determined to make Annie see that her life isn't as bad as what she thinks, not just because she doesn't have a terminal illness, but because she truly deserves to be happy. Polly assigns Annie to be her helper on the '100 Days of Happiness' starting from the day they meet up until Polly's last and final day. 
With roller coasters, jumping in a fountain and getting a new pet everything is turning out smoothly, as well as a new friendship that blossoms between both woman, who cry, laugh and argue but notably becoming the best of friends along the way. 
How to be Happy by Eva Woods, is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read and after reading it, I strongly believe that this could be turned into such a great film. 
Each and every character is wonderful and well written, my personal favourites are George, Costas and Dr. Max. Each character has a story to tell and I found it hard to not dislike the 'bad' characters as they all have a reason to something they did (I'm not justifying that though) 
It's such a lovely book and has inspired myself to possibly start a '100 Days of Happiness' myself, just small little things each day that bring joy. The way the Woods has captured everyone and the emotions though out this book is lovely, theres love, sadness, life and death and theres also happiness, lots and lots of it. 
It has made me think a bit differently in ways that I probably should of thought a long time ago. If there is any book you should read this year, please let it be this one. 
I will give this book 10 out of 10!