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You're The One That I Don't Want * Alexandra Potter

You're The One That I Don't Want by Alexandra Potter

How do you know he's the one? Are you getting butterflies just thinking about him?

Have you dreamt of marrying him? Do you just know?

Nate was the one for Lucy,but after ten years they've lost contact,then New York brings them together; how is she to lose him.

When 18 Lucy Hemmingway makes the trip of a lifetime, she's gone to Venice to spend the summer at Art college, a perfect dream for her which has just come true in such a beautiful city. Though when she meets Nate, everything changes.Soon though couple become inseparable, spending their free days eating galato and moping around in bed then walking around Venice centre in the evening.

But when a loved up Lucy and Nate encounter an old man who lets them in on the story about the legend of the bridge of sighs, the couple soon think it's a great idea and with their split coin pendants, a trip on a gondola under the bridge of sighs, with the sunset going down and the bells chiming in the background. They both kiss, and if anything the old mad said is true, they will be together for eternity. 

Fast forward ten years later and Lucy is 28 and living in New York with her new flat mate and hippie chick Robyn. Though even though it's ten years on she is still hung up over Nate and every small detail reminds her of him. Maybe the legend of the bridge of sighs wasn't so true after all. But when she's helping take a delivery of paintings to a penthouse in New York for the gallery where she works. She can't believe her luck when she bumps into Nate ten years later and snooping around his house no doubt!

Soon Lucy and Nate become inseparable and it's like nothing has changed between them, apart from Nate still wearing the pineapple boxers his ex-girlfriend bought him because they we're to precious for him to get rid of. But everything isn't as it seems as the couple seem to be arguing more about trivial things than having lovely, passionate sex according to Lucy. Plus Nate has changed so much, gone we're the days of shovelling pizza into their mouths in Venice, now it's exercise and state of the art juicing machines! Plus an iPhone which seems to be glued to his ear constantly. 

Being in love with Nate isn't as good as what she can remember and Lucy soon wants out, don't get her wrong, the sex is amazing! But he's a total obsessive nut! With Nate and Lucy rowing too soon into their precious relationship, she goes off to look at art and bumps into Adam - a lovely film student. But things are as good as they seem in Lucy and Nate's relationship isn't it? 

Wrong - Lucy bumps into Nate, again and again and again.

Everything couldn't be worse! Soon Lucy starts to believe that Nate is The One, but not the one she wants, he's The One she wants to get rid of, for good. But all that is a bit impossible since he is everywhere she goes! On a trip to the Vineyards - He's her double booked room mate. Sharing a taxi - Think again, it's with Nate. Out on a dinner with her uptight sister - Guess who's sitting next to her? 

It's almost as if Lucy Hemmingway is stuck in a nightmare and not a romantic love affair, there's no way of getting rid of Nathaniel and she wants him GONE. Her kooky, hippie and spell loving room-mate Robyn believes it's the Legend coming to life back in Italy. But is she is right, then what is Lucy going to do and how will she get rid of Nathaniel? 

One things for sure, you can't play with Fate

You're The One That I Don't Want by Alexandra Potter, is the second book and I have read by this author and I loved it to pieces! I admit that at first I was a bit unsure and thought that the book was a bit slow at the beginning. But I carried on reading it and I loved it! I really liked the story line and thought it was a great romantic, summery book. Lucy's character was hilarious and I really did feel for her as she could never get away from her Ex-boyfriend. I thought their antics we're funny and it was just great!

I really loved Robyn's character, I have a friend just like her and it really did remind me of my friend and her sense of humour and care free look on life was beautiful. She had no worries or stress and I wish I was like that haha. I liked all the characters honestly, I thought they we're all very well written and their story lines we're great. Potter really went the extra mile to give each character a detailed part and life within this book.

Really great and I would recommend it if you're looking for a lovely little summer read!

I will give this book 8.5 out of 10

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