Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Midnight * Jacqueline Wilson

Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson

Violet has always been in the shadow of her mesmerising, controlling brother Will -- by turns delightful and terrifying. Now that Will has learnt a shocking secret about his own past, things seem to be getting worse. 

Violet retreats further into her fantasy world built around the fairy characters created by her favourite author, Casper Dream. The arrival of Jasmine, a new girl at school who immediately befriends Violet, seems like it might change Violet’s life for the better and allow her to break free of Will’s spell. But is Jasmine a true friend?

Violet can't seem to understand why her brother Will is always nasty too her, making her join in on scary games, making fun of her fairies and always telling her that she has no friends. She can't understand this because when they we're little, they used to be so close, inseparable. 

Until one Christmas when there Grandma had got fed up of Will being ungrateful, so she blurted out a horrible truth and no one in the family can ever forget. Especially not Will. 
As soon as he's old enough, he's leaving for good and doesn't care what happens when he's gone. 

Though Violet does, and she wishes things could go back to normal, how they used to be when they we're little and how they seemed just like brother and sister, but Will didn't believe that anymore. Worst of all their mother was a coward in Violet's eyes. Never standing up for herself and her dad just walked all over her, and didn't really like Will either. 

But when Violet becomes good friends with the new girl Jasmine, things slowly start to make sense and come into place. Violet wishes she could just live with Jasmine and her cool, trendy father who lets her drink wine and who is in plays. Though Jasmine wishes that she could have a family like Violet's where everyone was still together. 

Then one night, Violet finds something in the attic whilst playing one of Will's spooky games that changes everything for a second time. How can this be? Violet soon finds out that there are more secrets that need to be uncovered, especially if  she wants to get her older brother and best friend back. All she needs to do is make one little wish. 

And there's only one person who can help her there. 

Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson is a great book! I found this whilst digging around in a box filled with old photo's and it's the exact same book that I bought when I was around twelve years old. It felt great to find it and I felt a big sense of happiness when reading it as I have good memories with this book. I remember going to see the play adaptation with my school and friends and because I had loved it so much, I asked my mum to take me to see it again before it finished. And she did, and I loved it. 

I find that Wilson's books have a great depth and meaning too them, one in which you can only relate to either whilst your young or have the memories of those feelings that the characters have, are the same as what you had when you we're growing up. 

Though that said, I do think her audience is based around young girls through the ages of 12-15 who are still finding themselves and what is happening whilst growing up. Boys, womanly things,s family, friendships etc etc. 

I think her books are fantastic and enjoyed reading it the same as I did when I was twelve. To which I am twenty in two months haha. I do recommend giving her books a read, whatever your age, because I am sure we can all relate to one book or another. 

I will give this book 6 out of 10

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