Friday, 27 April 2012

Drummer * Jan Page

Drummer by Jan Page

Liam tries to stay away from home as much as he can - especially if his dad's around. 
Usually he just hangs out with his mates, skating. But today, Liam's had an idea: to form a band, with him on drums.

All he needs is a kit, so Liam heads for the local junk shop. But the owner, Weird Welly, freaks him out, hinting that something terrible is about to happen.

Something bad to do with the band. 

Then the really weird stuff begins...

What if you could rewind and fast forward your life. To be able to see what your life would be like int he future, to be able to know what was exactly going to happen? Would you take that chance, or would you change time itself, just to save one life? Or maybe more.  

For Liam Condie, this is exactly what happened. Yes, I know it's hard to believe. 
He and his friends CJ and Daz get a crazy idea to start a band. They hardly know any instruments themselves, but they are determined to learn something and get some music created. There is only one slight problem, they will need to ask CJ's ex, Gemma, if they can use her house for a practise room. Which may result in her being in the band. 

Liam decided he would be the drummer of the band, though there is another problem regarding a drum kit. He doesn't have one, yet alone how to play the instrument itself.
So stopping off at Weird Welly's Junk Shop, seems like a good idea. Well it was at the time, cause as soon as Liam enters the shop, Welly seems to know him from somewhere, and Liam just can't place his finger on it. Oh, Welly is weird alright. 

Things aren't that great at home, Dad's got no job and practically lives at the pub down the street. And when he does come home, he argues with his mum and sometimes hits her if he has the chance, though it doesn't happen if Liam's there. Mum is constantly tired since looking after all the family and Liam's little sister Zoe. Life's just not good at home. 

So when the band Salamander get their first gig at Scurvy Joe's, all is going great. Until during their performance, things  get rowdy and Liam ends up in a bad coma from a stage light crashing onto his head. Soon Liam in a world of his own with no one to talk to but Welly, being blasted into the past of 1986, the year he was born, Liam must find the reason why he is there, to stop his parents misery and to ask valuable questions that are on his mind. As the time is ticking, can he slightly change the past before it's too late?

Drummer by Jan Page is an excellent book, it's very well written and really enjoyable to read. I read this book some years back when I borrowed it from the Library, and decided that I needed a copy myself. I can understand why I liked it those years ago, as I still enjoyed reading it now, even though I knew what happened already. 

The book is quick and simple, though it has so many twists and turns in it that would wouldn't even think of. This is the only book I have ready by Jan Page and I can tell you that I will be definitively reading more from her. The way this is written is so wonderful, there's so many different stories to each character and it's a really in depth book. It's worth the read!

I give this book 9 out of 10

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