Friday, 6 April 2012

Last Breath * Rachel Caine

Last Breath by Rachel Caine

Claire Danvers is concerned when three vampires vanish from Morganville without a trace. The last person seen with them is someone new to town - a mysterious individual named Magnus.

Claire is convinced creepy Magnus isn't human...but is he a vampire, or something else entirely?

Claire's hunt for answers leads her to solving another mystery that's long been puzzling her: why do all the vampires live so far out in a sunny desert when they're sensitive to sunlight? The answer has nothing to do with the sunlight, but with water - and an ancient enemy who has finally found a way to invade the vampires' landlocked community. Vampires aren't the top predator on earth. There's something much worse.
Which means if Claire, and Morganville, want to live, they will have to fight on to the last breath...

When we were last with Claire, she had just arrived back home in Morganville after stopping illegal fights between Vampires and humans. I mean, come on, can her life get any worse in the old Texas town. The answer, yes. It can get a lot worse.

Things are going perfect for the four residents of the Glass House. Claire and Shane's relationship is still strong and going. And as for Eve and Michael, they are planning their wedding! So all is great right?...No.

There have been some strange things happening in Morganville recently, like people going missing, and I'm not talking about Humans, because, well that's normal. But no, Vampires are slowly disappearing around the town and no one knows where there going. Not even Amelie, and you know somethings wrong when she doesn't know anything about it.

But one day out of the blue, a boy comes running to Morganville, from the outskirts of town. With a simple envelope that can only be handed to the Founder of Morganville. Amelie. Though when the letter is opened, everyone wishes they didn't know as the only word that is written on the cream coloured paper is, Run.

As the clock ticks, everybody must find answers to what is happening. Amelie decides to get rid of all the Vampires and get them out of the town for safe keeping's, but are the humans finally free? Or will her plan just fall around her?

Why are the Vamipres so afraid of whatever is coming there way? How will Eve and Michael get married if Amelie won't allow it? And the question that is on everyone's minds...Are we going to die?

Join Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve as they go on another adventure around their hometown. Trying to fight for their right to live and for their town as well. Cause everyone needs a place to live right?

Last Breath by Rahcel Caine is the eleventh book in The Morganville Vampire Series, and so far I think it is the darkest book yet. The way that Caine has created so much darkness and mystery is amazing, and wonderful. There are also differences from the other books, like each chapter is titled with a characters name, so that chapter is in their Point Of View. 

I thought that this book was different, I liked the new POV parts of the book and the darkness of it all, but I don't think it was as good as the other ones in the series. Though it's worth the read and starts to go deeper into the whole story and each character, so you can get a better understanding. 

I give this book 7 out of 10 :) 

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