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Good At Games * Jill Mansell

Good At Games by Jill Mansell

Suzy Curtis falls in love with Harry Fitzallan the moment she shows him her husband's sperm sample. Actually it isn't her husband's, because she isn't married. It isn't a sperm sample either, it's a carton containing the dregs of her milkshake. (But when you're desperate to escape a speeding ticker you have to improvise, don't you?) Oh, and it isn't really love at first sight, it's a healthy case of lust. 

Suzy is the girl with everything - dream job, red Rolls-Royce and ravishing rock-star ex. Then she meets Harry - and his deeply sceptical brother Leo - and before long finds herself with a whole lot more...

When Suzy gets stopped for speeding, by Harry Fitzallan, she would never of guessed that a police officer could be so handsome. So telling one little white lie, about rushing to the hospital to get your husband's sperm to the doctors and telling the officer that it was your last and final chance to have a baby, isn't so bad...Is it? 

Though, soon following a fateful death in the Curtis family, Suzy gets knocked back a little by a sudden intruder rummaging around in her back garden. Suzy soon finds out that she has a long lost sister named Lucille. A woman who Jazz, Suzy's lovable ex-husband, can't take his eyes off. Harry and Suzy soon hit it off, though Suzy realises she bit off more than she could chew when she finds out Harry has a problem with his older, yet very attractive brother, Leo. Since he always feels second best between the two. 

As Suzy takes on a trip of a life time, there are certain things that happen along the way, to many of the characters. Such as her stressful brother Rory, who is always stuck in the office at Curtis & Co. Her over obsessive and sometimes moody sister, Julia. Who is a constant war with their new sister Lucille. 

Leo who has an eye kept on Suzy constantly, waiting for her to slip up with his brother Harry, to which Suzy hates. 
Fee, the ex-ex wife of Jazz, who is best friends with Suzy, finds herself snowed in on a trip to a relaxation weekend, and finds new love also. 
Though Celeste, Jazz's new fiance is in a world of her own, if she thought being bitchy towards Suzy was fun, well, she can't wait to start a mess with Lucille and her music career. 

And then there's Maeve, Jazz's house keeper. Who has a beady eye kept on all of them, watching all of their moves in love and war. Cause she knows what will happen, what with watching all the soaps and knowing full well, what happens in relationships. 
Join Suzy as she takes a crash course at life, though with a life like hers it would help to be Good At Games

Good At Games by Jill Mansell is a wonderful book, filled with plenty of romance and lovely friendship. There are old and new friends that are made and some that are broken. Mansell has shown the many different ways in which friendship can blossom, weather some people agree or disagree with whoever you befriend. And love for that matter. Jill has shown so many relationships in this book, and it just makes it a lovely read, to know that all the characters are happy at some point, throughout the book. 

There we're some parts of the book that I thought made it slow down the process of finding out if Suzy ever did get with that certain person (Not spilling anything here guys!) And thought that it could quicken the pace up in places. But other than that, it was a great read and really enjoyed it. I always find that Jill Mansell's books are great to read in the Summer, or at least hot weather. Like it is today! So all is great. Hope you enjoyed the review! 

I give this book 6 out of 10

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