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Operation Sunshine * Jenny Colgan

Operation Sunshine by Jenny Colgan

Sun, Sea, Sangria and...

Evie is desperate for a holiday - a good one. Not only from working all hours as a receptionist but also because every break she's ever been on has involved sunburn, arguments and projectile vomiting - sometimes all at once. Why can't she have a holiday like everyone else? Peaceful sunbathing and (fingers crossed) some much needed sex. 

And then Evie's employers invite her to a conference in the beautiful South of France. At last, the chance to party with the rich and glamorous. It's the holiday of a lifetime - but things don't work out in quite the way Evie imagines...

Evie can't seem to get away, she's always working, being pestered by her idiot brothers and is still single. But when her employers talk about going away for a conference  Evie  can't help but jump at the chance to go on a holiday of a lifetime. Even if her employers have other things for her to do whilst she's there, like still doing all the paper work.  

Though after booking the flights, hotel and the places of fine dining, Evie finds she has got more than she bargained for when she arrives in the sunny paradise. 

To start, she wasn't booked in on first class like everyone else, she wasn't in the same hotel as everyone else and to top it all off the other receptionist, Lydia is in tow, will the holiday get better? 

To somewhat does, she meets wonderful and sexy Tom another Dr amongst the mist of all the others, but his bright orange hair changes her mind and it looks like that she will finally be getting her summer romance. 

Soon everything starts to spiral out of control, everyone isn't who she thought they we're, the holiday turns into something out of a James Bond movie and her brothers are acting strange.

Follow Evie with her sunburns, bad romances and over all her mad holiday of a lifetime. 

Operation Sunshine by Jenny Colgan, is the second novel that I have read from this amazing woman. I managed to read Operation Sunshine in under a week, it was such a quick summer read. Though apart of me wishes I saved it for when it got really sunny, needs to be read during the summer, just perfect!

The book is hilarious in places and I felt like it had such a good storyline! I've seen other people's reviews and they thought it was a bit bland. I can't possibly understand why, there's so much going on all the time you don't know where the book will turn. 

From first reading the book to the end, I did not think it would end like that at all! It had such a twist, was hilarious and had some good action as well as romance. Just what you need for the summer. 

I loved Evie's Character, Tom was a nutcase but was hilarious and Dr. Benentt changed from Dr.Good to Dr.Evil in a matter of seconds, which was quite funny! Be warned though, if you are partial to animal harming then you may need to take this book with a pinch of salt. 

It doesn't word it all in a good way, they all rebel against the "scientists" and save the animal rights so it's quite heroic! Just a warning that is all!

All in all I thought the book was great! I can't wait to read more of Colgan's books this summer, I think I would definitely read this book again at some point. If you're wanting a quick summer read this summer, I suggest reading this book! 

Quick, fast paced, action, humorous and full of romance, perfect for the beach or the park. 

I will give this book 8.5 out of 10.

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