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Three seconds To Midnight * Clarifications (Wattpad review)

Three Seconds To Midnight by Clarifications 

In which Death answers the questions of the dead and discovers himself along the way.

Have you ever wondered what conversations went on with death and the people he meets along the way? Ever thought what it would be like to pass judgement onto people and their doings in life or thought what Mr. Reaper might say? 

Then read this book, don't just take a glance at it read it.  

Throughout history, things have happened there has been the devastating Holocaust, people on Death Row, children being killed or taking their lives and people dying in general for the sake of being somewhere in the wrong moment at the wrong time. 

Follow death as he has very in depth conversations with children who have died for no reason, horrible nasty people who hate everything and wish to know why they aren't going to Heaven and why Death has to make his mind up on where to send these people on their merry way. And why sometimes people need a good lesson or two on life, and that some just want to have one last chat before they go to the other side. 

Three Seconds To Midnight by Clarifications, is a short story that I found on Wattled and man what a great app that is! Filled with loads and loads of different books and stories for free by very small authors with so much talent that need to be recognised and this is one of those authors. 

I know this is a very short review and I couldn't really put much into it as it would give away the whole story, plus it's really short as stated. I actually started this book today and finished it within an hour! I just could not put it down! 

The book is very very well written and it is well set out, it flows smoothly and is very intriguing  The book is very very deep I may warn you, it's a little bit dark but it's not bad as it is based on big parts in history so it has already happened, horrible things that have happened I may add. 

I thought the book was very clever as since it's based in History, it's basically just Death having conversations with people who have died and how they may have reacted and how Death had to in some ways look after them or teach them a lesson or two. All the characters have been written wonderfully and Death's character is also quite funny as well as very smart and witty with a slap stick sense of humour, which is a nice twist. 

In each character the writer has reflected on what they have done in the past to either make them die or how they died, each chapter starts with a little fact file about this person who has been admitted to Death, who will 'Judge' them on where they are going. 

Although I am not religious myself, I find the book is lightly based around the bible and what Death would of said to some people, though reading this book and the responses he gave to some of the people I would totally agree with his response. 

The book is really deep and does make you think about the world and the universe and how it works, and how if someone does exist why would half of this stuff, the bad stuff happen around the world. To me I think the book is lightly based on the Bible, but in some ways, it's not 'slamming' the Bible in anyway, nothing against the Bible, I think that it just questions what really exists and the existence of any other human life in the world up there in the sky and if that someone, something did exist, then as it is mentioned in the book, why would half of the people die and have to suffer? 

I know I have waffled on a bit in this review, but I feel that if you're reviewing books, then you are allowed to have your view and say. After all, it's a creative hobby / activity to do / have and we should all be able to have our say on books and listen to other peoples opinions too. 

Have you read this book? What did you think to it? If you haven't read this book I suggest you do as it is fantastically written and it has wonderful background and just creativeness towards it.  I think this book deserves way more recognition than what it has and should actually be in the shops! Also, the book which surprised me, was written by a thirteen year old, that just blew my mind! For the sake of how much thinking process has gone into it and how deep the book go's it really starts to get to you and to get you thinking on how the world actually works and in someways if anything that people in the past was worth it? 

The author may not have meant it to be like that or how they are portraying their work, but to me that is how I see it, but it is a good way in which I see it. I just feel that we all need to open our eyes a bit more to what has/was and is going on around the world in the past and in the present now and what will be happening in the future, before it is too late? 

After all, one of the things that was mentioned in the book was that the biggest feeling you get when you die is Regret. I feel that is such a big and powerful meaning and to say that a thirteen year old has written this and said this in a story, makes me think that everyone needs to stop and think about what is happening to our world. 

I will give this book a wonderful 10 out of 10 as that is what I feel the book and the author deserves, well done! I was going to post this review as part of the 'Small Authors reviews' At the end of the month but just couldn't wait to post it and felt it needed to be reviewed asap. 

I highly recommend this book. 

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