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Christine * Stephen King

Christine by Stephen King

Evil is alive in Libertyville. It inhabits a custom-painted red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury and the teenage boy, Arnold Cunningham, who buys it from the strange Roland LeBay.

Helped by Arnold's girlfriend Leigh Cabot, Dennis Guilder embarks to find out the real truth behind Christine and finds more than he bargained for: from murder, to suicide, and a strange feeling that surrounds Christine - she gets even with anyone that crosses her! Can Dennis save Arnold from the evil that is Christine?

This is a story that has only been told four times and this, making it's fourth and hopefully the last for Dennis Guilder. Arnie Cunningham is Dennis's best friend, and a bit of a loner. There always has to be at least one of them in the whole High School and Arnie was one of them.

Being constantly bullied throughout primary school all the way up to high school, Arnie Cunningham was used to it, so long as he had his best friend Dennis by his side, his wing man and Savior. Everything would be fine, that is until a drive home from work changed everything. 

 For Dennis Guilder, he knew it was bad luck, that something could go wrong when Arnie first set her eyes on her, making Dennis reverse back so Arnie could get another look of her splendid view. Her beautiful curves, the bight colour of her, the way she sat on the side of the road peaceful and content. Though all Dennis saw was a rusty pile of junk. 

But Arnie saw through that and fell in love with a real beauty, a 1958 Plymouth Fury in cherry red and white, named Christine. Soon Arnie had got her up and running and working in perfect order. Her body was clean, smooth and Shiny. Free from scratches, rust and dents. Looking sleek and shine.
Until Buddy Repperton gets his hands on her and has his way alright, and soon Arnie is back to square one in the restoration process. 

Much to the happiness of his mother and father, Arnold becomes besotted with the beast and never leaves it alone. Even his new girlfriend Leigh cannot coax him out of his dreamlike state with the car. To Dennis this is very out of the norm for his pal Arnie and he starts to seek questions about what really happened with that Plymouth and what power it holds. As Arnie starts to become the boy he has never known and becomes dark and sinister.

Dennis starts to see less and less of his best friend and more of his mates girlfriend instead. Soon both Dennis and Leigh cannot see Arnie anymore, but the face of a dead man, the face of man who sold the car to Arnie in the first place. The rotting corpse of a man, Ronald D. Lebay. 

Soon after the change in Arine, a horrible pattern starts to rise as murders start piling up and so does the evidence around Arnold and his beloved Christine. Dennis and Leigh must work around the clock to find a way to get Arnie Cunningham back and to destroy the frightening Fury, before it's too late. 

Christine by Stephen King, is the second book I have read by him so far. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit from time to time I did feel a bit that it dragged and that I didn't understand some parts (mainly the car parts and what not haha) But I did enjoy it none the less. 

It had such an amazing story line and all the characters we're well written. I loved how Arnie was portrayed and how King manged to change his attitude in the character, Arnie turns into a nasty person, an evil person. And I think that he portrayed that change very well and the imagery it crated for me was amazing.

 I loved Dennis's character even more. To the fact how you could see how his and Arnie's friendship was. I think he captured friendship quite well in this book and how certain things and little changes can make a big difference in the way friendship goes and also changes. I was so shocked throughout the book! There we're so many things that I was not expecting! And the ending, I was sat on the tram on the way to work and there was a massive shocker at the end, and I was sat there on the tram with my mouth over shocked and the lady sat across from me was just staring at me! Haha.

All in all it was a great book, despise some of the time that I didn't understand certain things, but loved it none the less. Would definitely re-read it again. 

I will be giving this book an 8 out of 10

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