Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Illustrated Man * Ray Bradbury

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury

If El Greco had painted miniatures in his prime, no bigger than your hand, infinitely detailed, with his sulphurous colour and exquisite human anatomy, perhaps he might have used this man's body for his art...

Yet the Illustrated Man had tried to burn the illustrations  off. He's tried sandpaper, acid, and a knife. Because, as the sun sets, the pictures glow like charcoals, like scattered gems. They quiver and come to life. Tiny pink hands gesture, tiny mouths flicker as the figures enact there stories - voices rise, small and muted, predicting the future.

Blending magic, imagination and truth with Bradbury's rich storytelling skills and beautifully crafted imagery, these startling and thought provoking visions of humankind's destiny. 

Imagine being in the future, what would you think 2021 would be like? Will there be flying saucers? Aliens? Robots?

Sit back and let Ray Bradbury be your guide, and take your into a world of mayhem, strangeness, wild stories and a bit of horror. 

Imagine your whole house fully electronic. Food being cooked and served from the table itself, air chutes to take you around your home. Self bathing baths, cleaning you with robotic arms and hands. 

Even a room that has life like walls that come to life, by reading any book. You could read a book on Africa and watch your walls change into a new scenery  then have lions walk out into your very room, close enough to touch!

Or how about rocket rides to Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn? 

Living on a different planet entirely, miles and miles away from earth. 

How about walking through the trenches, having constant water, rain upon your head? Like Chinese water torture, never getting any sleep. whilst trying to find the sun dome, the only places that have sunlight left. 

Maybe you'd like to invest in your own identical robot? For those times you want to leave the house, but can't? Well now you can! just turn your robot self on, go out and have fun! Know one will know, it will be like leaving yourself at home, literally!

What about walking into a haunted house, and a robotic one at that. with bats flying around your face on arrival and rats scurrying about your feet, constant ticking of the butlers and maids. Dressing up in fancy dress and having Ghouls, ghosts and monsters lurking around every room and corner. 

But the house isn't so friendly, with screaming, shouting, blood guts and gore. You won't know if it's yourself losing your life, or a clone. 
Welcome to the House of Usher.

If you could travel back in time to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Perhaps three years ago into your own past, See family members as they we're younger? 

What about back to the 1900's? Or maybe 1800 A.D? To be able to see the burning of Rome, or the Colosseum being built all those years ago? Experience WW1 & WW2? It's all up to you, just don't change the past!

And after all this, the final question is, would you trade places with your own child? If they we're being bullied, would you give them your life in exchange for theirs? Or would you tell them to grow up and take it? To defend for them self? The only problem is, would be that you would have to suffer in the playground, for years and years to come of torture. 

And all this, painted upon one mans skin. Against his own will, branded by ink and illustrations, that always come to life whenever he sleeps, and when the sun sets. They light up like lamps, scaring him to death. 

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury is a wonderful book, with a collection of stories all full of imagination and fun. 

This is the first book that I have read by Bradbury and loved every minute of it, and could never put it down. I loved the way he captured the readers imagination and made me feel like i was in the actually book. The stories are wonderful and bursting with magic. 

The way he makes the stories come to life, breath in and out through the pages, sigh on every turn and make your head spin with all the different types of stories. From future to past, living and non living, real life and robots, space and time. Everything will make you think wonders, and even possibly causing yourself, to want to live in these worlds. 

I know I thought that. 

To say that I have never read a Sci-fi book before, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading more books by Bradbury. I honestly haven't read anything like this, with so much imaginary that literally oozes out of the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who, as always, fancies a change in their reading style. 

Or someone who wants to read something full of different stories and bursting with imagination. I would also recommend this to people who are fond tattoos, have tattoo's or simply a tattoo artist. I think you would enjoy this book. 

This book is a  classic and I am rating it at 10 out of 10!

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