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Perfect Timing * Jill Mansell

Perfect Timing By Jill Mansell

Poppy Dunbar is out on her hen night whens he meets Tom Kennedy. With his dark eyes and quirky smile, he could lure any girl off the straight and narrow, but what really draws Poppy to him is the feeling that she's known him all her life. She can't go through with the meeting they arrange - but she can't go through with the wedding either.

Suddenly notorious as 'The Girl Who Jilted Rob Macbride', Poppy moved to London. Soon she's installed in the bohemian household of Caspar French, a ravishingly good-looking young artist with a reputation for breaking hearts. But even in her colourful new home, Poppy can't get Tom off her mind. Until she tracks him down, she'll never know if their meeting was destiny - or if the future holds something entirely different for her...

Poppy was due to have the best day of her life, in a total of five hours. Up until she ran through her, soon-to-be husband's door and admitting that she didn't want to marry him in the end. All down to a certain someone, who Poppy had met on the night of her hen night and fell in love at first sight. With a total stranger.

After what seemed like an eternity of putting up with  angry relatives, and the total shock of finding out the father she'd once loved and always knew. Turned out not to be her real father at all.  Poppy finally escapes and heads straight to London. Having to live in a run down motel, Poppy scrapes what cash she can get by working as a waiter for the posh food company, Kenda's Kitchen.

Over hearing Claudia, the posh blond who lives int he house Poppy is waiting in, she soon jumps to the proposition of living in the house with Claudia and her house mate, Caspar French. The ever so handsome and charming artist who works in his studio upstairs.

Soon Poppy is living at  Cornwallis Crescent, as long with her new flatmates Caspar French and Claudia Slade-Welsh. Though Claudia doesn't like this one bit, she's jealous of how Poppy looks and how easy going she is, plus to top it all off she didn't have half the style as whats he had herself. Though he ha learn that over the years from her pushy irritating mother, Angie Slade-Welsh. The ever so glamorous and beautifully elegant woman for her age. Always stuck her nose in Claudia's love life.

Caspar on the other hand is easy going and in all honesty a bit of a man slag, but he enjoys the way his life is. So what does it matter if he strings three girls along with him at the same time. No one can get hurt right? Poppy disagrees and ends up giving him a good stern talking too, telling him to sort his life out, but was that such a good move after all?
When her Mr. Rights start slowly wilting.

Then there's Jake, the handy business man, working in the market stall and fascinated by the old antiques market and antiques road show. With his nerdy look, and his shyness around women, it's no wonder he hasn't found Mrs. Right yet, like all the others. But all it takes is a closer look into his friendship circle to find the right one.

And deep down in a Jazz bar in London, a dashing woman named Rita is somehow linked to Poppy, but she doesn't know why and neither does Poppy. Until she finds out interesting facts about her real fathers life and where he's been, and who he's been with.

Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell, is the fourth book I've read by this author. I really do love Mansell's books as you can really connect with them, on some levels. The only things that women would talk about or find a big crisis in the smallest of things, for example. Though after reading a few of her books now, I start to see myself already guessing who the main character will fall in love with even if I'm all the way near the start of the book. 

Which is a bit of a let down, but that said I do enjoy knowing who they will end up with. But I do think there needs to be more structure and mystery to whom the main character will fall in love with. The characters are well written as always and have good backgrounds, though some of them are the same with never finding love or the right man, leaving home and finding somewhere else to live etc. 

My favourite character of all out of the whole book had to  be Rita. The way she was written and I loved it, I saw myself knowing someone just like her when i was younger which made me smile a little. I loved her laid back attitude and cool aura.

I will give this book 5 out of 10

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