Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October Update!

Hi Everyone!! 

How are we all doing this afternoon? 

I'm terribly sorry I've not been updating in a while, I can assure you that I have still been reading, just not been updating! I have been keeping up to date with my cake page which we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Facebook: Search for Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic
Twitter: Search for @SSMCakes
Instagram: Search for Sprinklesparkleandmagic

We have this logo! 

Please see the links for all the above if you wish to have a look, I do have a blog for it but it's not quite finished yet. Which is on my to do list! 

A lot has been happening this month and some of it has been pretty rubbish to be honest. I will start with the good though!

I don't know if I told you, but I recently started college! I am studying Level 1 cake decorating and loving every minute of it, it's great! I'm only there for one day but it's awesome. I've also been searching for jobs on the job front but no such luck at the moment, got to keep trying I guess but it is kinda a downer when no one wants you to work for them :/

And then in other news, my cat Marmalade, of 15 1/2 years died on the 3rd October, which was crap. He was a lovely little ginger cat and I'd had him since I was 5 and now I'm 20. I miss him so much, it was so rubbish. But he was getting old  and he couldn't breath so we had to put him down sadly, it was the best for him. Obviously I wanted him to always be here and at first didn't want him to be put down, but then he would of  had to undergo tests and whatnot and he's just too old for it so it would of only caused him distress. 

We got him cremated though and he is back home safe and sound on my bookshelf so he's still with me :) I love him to pieces and always will. 

This is my little handsome fluff ball, Marmalade :) <3 xxx="">

But! On a happier note, I will be getting into the swing of reading for Halloween so any suggestions let me know! The background has been changed for the spooky holiday and then we will be on to Christmas soon! I've nearly finished a couple of books so expect the reviews to be up in a couple of days :) 

Hope to see you all soon! 

Love, Emma xxx

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