Sunday, 1 June 2014

A year on: Kobo e-reader review.

Hey everyone!

I thought I would do a quick review on the Kobo I bought a while back and the purchase, which you can see below: 

Welcome Kobo Mini

Well, I say it's a year on. It will be within a month haha, but I just wanted to do a quick update on how I've gone on with it and would love to know what other people think of them if they have them. So tell me what you think? 

I love  the fact that you can get changeable covers for the Kobo mini, so you can have your own style with :) There are four colours that I know of, which are Teal, Pink, Purple and black. The green cover that is around my kobo is a cheap cover I bought off of ebay and I love it. 

To say that the Kobo Mini is quite slim, having the green book case for it, gives it that little extra thickness. It's a lovely fit and well made, if anyone would like the link please let me know and I shall add it on :) They come in a range of different colours too. 

Reading with Kobo: 

Reading with the Kobo is bliss, I never thought I would actually say that since I was sceptical after buying it let alone before. I still love buying books in paper form and always will, though since having the kobo for a year I have found it much more easy. 

Key Points: 

  • I can now read on public transport without getting travel sick, so that's a BIG bonus!
  • The charge on the Kobo still lasts up to a month, after a year gone since I bought it
  • Kobo has sent me an anniversary 30% off voucher for being with them a year, which is awesome!
  • The books are cheaper than in store, which is wonderful but still doesn't beat reading old books. 
  • The Kobo was easily worth £30 and I would of happily pay £60 at it's full price (But I'm glad I got it in the sale!) 
  • I now want another Kobo.
  • You can have up too 1,000 books 
  • I can highlight the parts I love in books and it saves it for me to go back to later on
  • And last but not least, if you are reading a book but want to read something else for a bit, you can just save the page your on and start a new book. Then go back to your old one! Which is ace!

  • It is a tad slow when turning pages
  • There isn't much light on the screen and would be wise to buy a little light to attach to the top of the ereader as it is a little dim in darker light. 

All in all the Kobo is a great devise and I am very happy with the product and their service actually. I still enjoy reading and have possibly enjoyed it a little more as the Kobo has given me more time to read, like on public transport etc which I couldn't do before. 

The Kobo Mini is easily one of the best things I have ever bought and I am thrilled and happy with it. Another thing that is great is that you get Rewards for reading. There's a bunch of different ones from Night Rider, Better In Bed, Not An Open Book and Once Upon a Time. 

They all have different meanings and some of them are for reading so many times at certain times in the day. Or reading so many classic books etc. I think this is a  great way for people to read more, as in a way it's a little game. The more you read the more rewards you get and the more you read the more you enjoy and learn. I think Kobo have been very clever with this feature and think it is a wonderful Idea and I love it! 

I don't think it shows a bad way at all about reading, with reading more and earning badges. I think it's a clever and great way to motivate more people to read, especially younger people of today as most people don't read anymore and I find that quite sad. 

But on a happier note, I highly recommend the Kobo Mini and I think it is a smashing product and has been much help and use to me over this past year.

I will give the Kobo Mini ereader 9 out of 10

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