Monday, 7 October 2013

October Update

Hey there everyone!

Thought I would do a Short update seeing as I haven't done one in a while. I have still got LOADS of books to read, both on the shelves and on the kobo so I need to get reading haha. I am only two books away from my 2013 goal this year! Hope to add an extra one onto the 14!!

I have recently posted two book reviews which I'm chuffed about, and also I have changed the background to make it more Octobery (I know that's not a word haha) But I'm loving the vintage Halloween style :) Then it will be changing again soon to Christmas! Oh how this year has flown by!

I'll be reading some horror books or Halloween ones this month (If I can get into the horror ones that is) So wish me luck! Don't want to be scared! If you have any recommendations, please fire away in the comments box, all would be appreciated!

On another note, it may quieten down a but on here as I have this lovely book to study upon!...

That's right I'm finally learning to drive haha! So wish me luck! :) 

But for now, goodnight! 

- Emma :)

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