Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Welcome! To Kobo Mini

Welcome to the family
So following the last post I put on about one of these. I got paid and finally caved in and bought one.

I'm quite happy with it to! To say it was only £30 and the first one I have bought I am well chuffed.

The Kobo Mini is extremely light and also very small (who would of known!) It's lovely and compact and I love it, it's well worth the money and for anyone who is thinking on buying one, I recommend you buy this one if you're not sure. Therefore you can see how it feels, looks and just how it is to read on it, and not spend so much on it.

I really did want the Kobo Glo though, but decided in the end that I didn't want to pay about £100 for something that I may not enjoy. But I'm so happy I got this one instead.

The battery life is approx 1 month, that's If you don't go on wi-fi with it. So we shall see! I have a bet with Sam at the moment with this haha. I'm sure it will survive, and it can take 1,000 which is good.

The back is also changeable, with a range of different coloured snap backs, which is quite awesome! I love the idea of that, just need to understand how to take the silver one off without breaking it! Haha, has a lovely pattern too!

Though don't worry, I have not converted to technology completely, I will still be reading my beloved books, as there's nothing quite like it.

Have bought a lovely little purple case too to keep it safe! Haha I know, I'm strange. The last photo is to show how thin the actual eReader is, you might not be able to see how thin, but it is haha. Though it has a lovely feel none the less, and I'm ever so happy that I bought it.

If I am now reading a book that was an ebook I shall tag it in the book review :)

- Emma :)  

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