Monday, 15 April 2013

Little update

Hi there everyone, 

I know what I'm about to say isn't really anything to do with books at all but if you're interested in music too. Then this is for you. 

It's just to say that a great band I know, who I've seen go from all the way at the bottom, to shoot up to the top. From a small town from Rotherham, Whisky Spirit are wonderful and are trying their upmost best to get out there and play and make a good living off music. It's what they love doing and I can't cancel that out, as I love reading!

So I was wondering if anyone was interested, they have recently finished mastering and recording one of their original songs. There music is Rock / Blues genre and there awesome, so if you're into that type of music or like listening to new and upcoming artists, give them a go. It is available to download now for just 95p. 

If you are from around Rotherham or somewhere near it, I think the song is about the town on how in the past it was very high and up there with loads to do, and now with the budgets and stuff like that, the song is about how it has changed etc. 

But yeah, give it a listen to if you're interested. Just click the link below! 

In other news, be expecting a book review very soon!

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