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Welcome To My World * Miranda Dickinson

Welcome To My World by Miranda Dickinson

Close your eyes and imagine the world is your oyster…

And now imagine never seeing it. Welcome to Harriet Langton's world. All her life she's dreamt of travelling the globe - fate always got in the way.

Working as a travel agent, the closest Harri comes to her dream destination of Venice is booking the trip for someone else. But everything changes when travel fanatic Alex drops in.

With her boyfriend Rob tied up with work, Harri is persuaded to help Alex in his quest for love. But in her attempts to help, Harri soon discovers that she's alienating those around her.

Desperate to leave her life behind, will her dreams finally come true? Or will Harri's leap of faith be her biggest mistake yet?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? France? Spain or even America?

For Harri Langton, her dream destination is Venice. We all know what she's thinking, the city of love and romance. Our hopes and dreams of holding the lover of your life's hand in the warm, Italian sun.

Harri also shares this opinion, bur for Miss Langton she will have to make do of dreaming, as she has never even stepped foot out of the UK boarders.Though the closest Harri has ever gotten to see the world, is on the back of travel brochures in her local Travel Agents; SLIT. In other words Harri's day job.

Harri is what she describes herself as an "Armchair Traveller" meaning that she reads the books, magazines, watches the travel shows and has stacks upon stacks of DVD's. But never actually leaves the UK.

As for her best friend Alex Brennan, he's been all over! You name a place and he's probably seen it. Harri finds comfort in the stories he tells, the pictures he shows ans all the taste tingling meals he makes from around the world.
The only thing is that he's not so good at is finding the right woman.

So when Viv, Alex's over loving mother decides to set him up in a dating magazine, she soon hopes to find him the woman of his dreams. Much to the dismay of Harri, who has found herself doing most of the work.

Stella, Harri's ever so charming and fashionable friend has a friendship they could make you laugh and smile. Even when she still to this day and over the many years pesters Harri on here ever job loving boyfriend, Rob.

'Welcome To My World' by Miranda Dickinson, is a wonderful story based upon friendship and love. Testing how Harri would go to save a friendship and finding the love of her life. Whilst on the daydream cloud about finding her heart and soul, to believe in herself, for her travels sake.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Welcome To My World' I loved how Harri and Alex's friendship is written and Harri's 'Armchaor Traveling'. The book is highly amusing at some point's, with the way Viv has been written, makes you smile and think to yourself that everyone knows someone who's just like her. I certainly do, and I love that I know someone like her.

Miranda Dickinson has captured true friendship at it's best and shared it in a wonderful lovely book. Though to be honest I did find at times it was a bit slow and felt like I had to force myself to read it a bit. But once I got back into it, it was a great read and couldn't out it down.
I do think that Harri should of done travelling a bit sooner in the book and not waited till the very end, but if she didn't then the story wouldn't of fitted together perfectly.

The book has heart ticking moments that make you giggle and smile at every page turner. There are a few shocks and bumps along the way, which you can relate to. Well, I could haha. The story-line is well written and will be reading more of her books in the near future.

I will give this book 6 out of 10.

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