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The Road To Hell * Jackie Kessler

The Road To Hell by Jackie Kessler

Jezebel may no longer be a soul-stealing succubus, bus she's got a hell of a past. She'd love to come clean to her sweet, gorgeous boyfriend Paul, but how exactly does a girl start the conversation? There's no name tag that reads: "My name is Jesse and I used to have sex with men before taking their should!" Just as some people are worth being monogamous for (a recent discovery for Jesse), some secrets are worth keeping. Like the fact that bad boy incubus Daunuan keeps popping up from the Underworld to put some toe-curling moves on her, and that her former associates are trying to strong-arm her back into the fold.

But someone in the Underworld isn't ready to play nice, and this time the stakes are nothing less than Paul's immortal soul. If Hell want's Jesse back so badly, they've got to get her. But she's not going to play nice...

Jesse the ex-succubus and newly turned stripper, is back in action and ready to kick some demon ass. Following a recent argument with her sexy boyfriend Paul Hamilton, Jesse starts to contemplate her life as a mortal. Does she like it? Does she miss Hell? Will she miss Paul if anything happens?

Though as Jesse goes out on a small drinking binge, miss goody-two-shoes Angel, drops into say hello and warn Miss Jesse Harris, that things are changing down in the Underworld. Though Jesse doesn't want to hear, all she wants to do at this current time is drink and shake her ass about on stage at the strip club, feeling the music through her body and letting men stare at her will cheer her up more than anything right now. Though Angel, won't quit until she has warned Jesse that things are starting to get bad. 

Only when Lillith, the Queen of Lust and Alecto, her best friend Meg's, sister. Turn up in her apartment and try to drag her back to hell, explaining that there is a new king in order, Meg's in serious danger and that she must return back to hell immediately. Does Jesse start to agree and ponder with Angel that things have turned sour, down under. 

Though on returning to Paul's apartment with Angel, Jesse finds him under the spell of Lillith. Riding his body and seducing him, then taking his soul to hell with her and trapping him in The Endless Caverns. 

Jesse finds herself going on the biggest mission yet, to try and find her love and bring him back to Earth. But to do that she must call upon one demon, she has such strong connections with, sex connections. And will Daunuan want to help her save Paul, or will he wrap her around his litre finger and play puppet with her?

Wrapped up in mystery, love, sex, sweat, alcohol, dancing and fighting in hell. What could possibly go wrong along The Road To Hell.

The Road To Hell by Jackie Kessler is the second book in the Hell On Earth series. Although I think this book is wonderfully written, and that I really find Jesse a strong, sexy heroine who is capable of anything and always willing to put up a fight for herself and others amongst her. I didn't feel this book as much as the first one. 

I found myself getting bored easily and my eyes slowly edging towards sleep. I thought that it really slowed down in some places and found it hard to keep reading. It was good at the start but towards the end I felt like I had to force myself to read, which is a shocking feeling for me as I love to read so much! I just found it repeating in places and I felt that it was a pretty slow read for me as sometimes I just could't be bothered to read it. Though in some places we're so good I didn't wanted them to end. 

Although, I will still carry on reading the series as I want to see what will happen in the next few books. So you will be expecting more reviews about Jackie Kessler and the Hell On Earth series. But for now that is it, I shall be either updating you soon and if not another book review will be on it's way!

For now, 
Happy Reading!

Love Emma x

I give this books 3 out of 10

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