Saturday, 23 April 2011

March Update

Hey Guys!

So I thought I would update since I haven't in a very long time and thought I would tell you about some new things and why I haven't been updating as frequently as I used to.

The main reason is because I have been swamped! With so much coursework and there full of deadlines that I have too meet. And since I am leaving in about 2 weeks and 3 days (Yes from my last year in school) I will be concentrating more on that. Which means less reading time :'( Sad face I know.

Which also means less book reviews, I'm sorry guys but that's what happening for now until I leave.
But! I have some good news, I have been reading a lot recently possibly due to the fact that I am on holiday and have nothing else better to do...
(Yes I have a sad life) But I don't care cause I love to read haha

I am still however, currently reading Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler. 5 chapters in a day! Wow that's a lot for me haha and I'm doing some more reading later :D
But yeah, I'm still reading that and now on chapter 19, which is not long to go before I finish it which also means I will be doing a book review and then onto another book.

Also you may have noticed the picture of myself and a book at the top. Well I got a voucher for Easter off my aunt and decided to buy a new book. This book in case you can't see the photo clearly is called
To The Moon And Back by Jill Mansell. Though on the front cover it says
How far would you go for love? and the obvious answer is To The Moon And Back.

I bought this book because I wanted myself to get out there and read other books besides vampires and angels and stuff. I mean don't get me wrong I love the Morganville Vampires and the book my boyfriend bought me for a present which is 'Kissed By An Angel'. (Which is also romantic) But I guess I just wanted one out of the "Paranormal Beings" Section. You know?

So yes, that's the great news for now haha. Hopefully the next time I write it will be a Book Review! (Also it's because the book is so thick when I'm used to reading small ones, which I tend to read quicker)

Happy Reading, and Happy Easter! 

Emma xx

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