Saturday, 28 February 2015

Undenied * Maya Banks

Undenied by Maya Banks

Payton Ricci is the last person Wes Hoffman ever expected or wanted to see again. After the disastrous sexual experience between them twelve years ago, he was only too happy to put the whole episode behind him. 

Wes Hoffman is happy in his life, he's surrounded by loving friends, a great job and no commitments. But when his group of friends slowly start to all get married and pop out children, he soon starts to feel a little out of place and like a third wheel. 

Payton Ricci is on a night out with her best mates, it's a bachelorette party and she feels like she is always the bridesmaid and never the bride, but that's okay. She's not really looking for a strings attached kind of relationship, just a quick fondle with a handsome man. So when she catches her eye on Wes Hoffman sat at the bar, Payton can't believe her luck. 

There couldn't be anything worse than spotting Payton Ricci at the same bar as him. All Wes wanted was a quite night at the bar after a stressful day at work with a nice cold pint. Not at all to be reminded of the past and for it to brought up in his face, but he should of known better with Payton. 

Soon there's an argument and Wes is running out of the bar as fast as he can with his tail between his legs, he doesn't want to be around her, he felt embarrassed twelve years ago when he was a teenager he doesn't want to bring up that embarrassment again. 

But Payton does, knocking on the door of Wes Hoffman's house, she wants an explanation and she wants one now. So going on a drive, Wes explains everything and to bust his ego even more she finds it hilarious, but soon finds him sweet and caring. 

Soon both of them are in too deep and out of their depth, with the amazing romantic gestures and passionate but hot sex, have they become a big part of each others lives or are they just "friends with benefits"? Which if they are, they have both bargained far much more than they thought, their feelings towards each other and love. 

Will both Wes and Payton declare their love not only to each other but to themselves? And what will it damage on the way there? Friendships? Family? Or their future? 

Undenied by Maya Banks, is the third and last installment in her Unbroken Trilogy series, and I must say I have really enjoyed reading the series. For once I didn't get board throughout the books as there was a plot all the way through like I've said before, and not just sex. 

Each book has all the same characters in, but are all about different couples and relationships, but Banks has managed to make sure everyone else's relationships flow smoothly throughout the books. I think I will read more of Banks's books in the future as I am very happy with them, I feel I am closer to finding a set of books like the Knight Trilogy, which I am so happy about!

I loved Payton and Wes's relationship, it was essentially like reading a book about two love struck teenagers. Awkward, shy, lustful and a head full of questions. I don't know what else I can say about the book or the books, I've really enjoyed reading them and will definitely be reading some more of Maya Banks's work. 

They we're so good, that I ended up reading all three books back to back! Now that's something!

 I must say before I forget that the cover art for the three books are absolutely beautiful! I mean, just LOOK at them. I love the cover art for these books, they look lovely and beautiful! It made it even better too read, as I do love a book with a good cover ;) Beautiful, I know it's simple but they're perfect! 

Also I finished the book yesterday, so I've not let anyone down by posting it too late ;)

I will give this book 7 out of 10 

The book series all in all: 8.5 out of 10 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Overheard * Maya Banks

Overheard by Maya Banks

Gracie Evans is a woman tired of the men in her life not satisfying her in bed. She’s had a string of boyfriends, but none of them have come close to satisfying the vivid fantasies she has. 

Two weeks before Valentine’s Day, she breaks up with her latest boyfriend after a night of lackluster sex. 

Gracie Evans isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, or of the consequences after she's opened her mouth and said a few words. So when she splits up with her boyfriend because the sex wasn't up to standards, she isn't surprised when he hits the roof and nearly her. 

Luke Forsythe has known Gracie for as long has he can remember. They we're in school together, college together and now they don't live that far away from each other. So when Luke bumps into the argument brewing up outside, he couldn't help but interject. But something is on the tip of his tongue that he wants to ask her, something he knows she will be angry about.

See, Luke overheard Gracie talking, talking about her wildest fantasies and what she wishes to do with whoever gets with her. And Luke just can't wait to tell Wes, cause he knows he will be up for it as much as he is, and also Gracie. 

So the weekend of Valentine's day, Gracie is in for a treat. After going on a date with Luke and enjoying it, a weekend at the cabin filled with love and passion will be a great thing for her, and a change from the usual boring sex in her life. 

But things aren't what they seem when she walks in on Luke and Wes having a conversation, about her fantasies and what they wish to do to her and for her. Half of her is downright annoyed that they planned this and didn't tell her. The other half is over the moon and aroused.  

Going with the flow and daring to try a new experience is frightful and nerve-racking, but Gracie has excepted the challenged and she cannot wait to get started. 

Overheard by Maya Banks, is the second installment in the Unbroken Series. In this novel, we follow the life of the main character Gracie Evans, a young woman who likes a challenge, new experiences and isn't afraid to speak what's on her mind. A girl after my own heart! 

Gracie has a secret that her best friend Luke overheard (hence the name of the book itself) and decides to jump to to the task, whilst dragging his friend Wes along with him. I thought this book was quite good and well thought out. Even though it was a bit like Not until You Risk ~ Part Two - Roni Loren (which you can find the review here to get a jist of this book that I'm reviewing now)

I thought it was better on a whole than the book by Roni Loren. 

The book series is quite short but the actual stories themselves aren't quite bad. I love the fact that they have an actual storyline and not just about sex which is great as it starts to get a bit boring with it just being about it. To put it quite frank, to me if it doesn't have a storyline to go with it, you may as well just watch porn. 

Now I know that some people may find me prude for saying that, I assure you I'm not, otherwise I wouldn't read books of the sort. I think there better when they have a story to go with it, it makes it, lets say "thicker" It is sexy as hell though! Scorching infact! 

All in all there is one more book in this series that I am currently reading and a new book review shall be up soon. Once again I am sorry that this book review is so late. I have been trying to update my cake page :) 

Thank you to everyone who is reading the reviews!

I will give this book 6.5 out of 10